Bartlett City Schools

Counselor Named Outstanding Counselor for TN

Congrats to Miranda Reyes for being named the April 2017 Outstanding Counselor for Tennessee.


Bio:  Ms. Reyes has been a school counselor for 13 years with seven years as an elementary school counselor and six at the high school level. Ms. Reyes is a vital part of the Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy in Bartlett, a new district of two years. The Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy was previously a middle school, and Ms. Reyes has been instrumental in its success. Miranda believes that the ninth grade year is a pivotal year for students, and as a separate academy, they are able to provide tailored support and resources to help ninth graders overcome normal transitional hurdles. Having one grade level gives her a chance to get to know her students and identify their unique needs. Ms. Reyes has also taken on an additional responsibility in supporting Bartlett’s in-house alternative school.

She meets with each student individually on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule depending on need. Part of the design for the academy is to provide a 30-minute enrichment/intervention period during the school day to foster academic success. Miranda meets with students at the beginning of each school year to discuss graduation requirements, tips for success, goal setting, and gives them a freshman checklist to work on throughout the year. Bartlett’s counseling department plans college and career emersion weeks full of activities to get their students thinking about their future goals. In supporting students, they stay in constant contact with parents via monthly emails about upcoming events, graduation and promotion requirements, social issues, college prep, and academic concerns. To help them stay actively involved during the transition to high school, they plan and host an eighth grade preview night, back to school open house night, and registration information sessions for current and prospective families. We congratulate Miranda Reyes on the innovative approach she has taken to develop a positive learning environment.