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Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy Named Apple Distinguished School

Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy is pleased ​to announce that it is being recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2019–2022. The Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy was selected because of its role as a leader of 1:1 implementation throughout the Mid-South. Beginning in 2014, the faculty and administration of the Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy collaboratively formed a vision to develop an innovative technology rich environment that would enhance student academic success. 

Considered centers of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, Apple Distinguished Schools use technology to inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. They showcase innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching, and the school environment and have documented results of academic accomplishment. 

“One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein is, ‘Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.’ While this has been true for men throughout the ages, how wonderful it is to be alive today when technology can expand and deepen our view of life and the universe around us in ways we could not imagine even a decade ago. We can all be ‘curious children’ in this day and time,” said Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy Principal John McDonald.  

Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy, a level 5 Reward school, is a unique experience where three middle schools’ promoted eighth graders converge on one campus to unite as one graduating class. Believing that technology is essential for success in post-secondary education and careers of today, our faculty and administration sought to pilot and implement Bartlett’s first 1:1 program in 2014. This successful endeavor led to full implementation of the 1:1 initiative for all students grades 6-12 in Bartlett City Schools. Our teachers were pioneers who have focused on developing dynamic engaging lessons while building capacity in technology skills for both faculty and students. Being a part of the Apple Distinguished School program has allowed us to refine our implementation, showcase our experience, document our journey, inspire others, and continue to push our campus to grow. These attributes of the program will continue to enhance our learning environment, strive for continuous innovation, and inspire our teachers which positively impacts our students and their success.


The Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy operates as a part of Bartlett City Schools. Each year the school serves approximately 800 students in 9th grade only. Additionally, the school has been named a Reward school for 2017-2018, 2018-2019 by the Tennessee Department of Education.  

School Representative:  John McDonald, Principal
Press Contact:  Jason A. Sykes, Communications
Contact: ​ 901-202-0855 or jsykes@bartlettschools.org