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Virtual & Hybrid Meal Program Information

Meals must be pre-ordered to ensure a meal is available when you arrive. Meals will be available at Bartlett High School Monday-Friday from 9:00am-10:00am. This meal pick-up program is set for the first nine (9) weeks of school, running until October 9, 2020. The length of this program is subject to change and any changes will be communicated.

For information relating to this meal progam, including how to view menus and pricing, make payments, receive applications, etc. visit www.BartlettSchools.org/BCSMealPlan/.

For our virtual or hybrid students to participate in the meal program for the 2020-2021 school year you must follow the below instructions (this meal program is different from the program we offered in the Spring of 2020): 

  • Complete a meal order form here each day by 3:00pm to receive a meal for the following day (Example: place an order on Friday to receive a meal on Monday. Place an order on Monday to receive a meal on Tuesday).
  • To make online payments for the meal you can visit the Titan portal here.
  • Each meal must be pre-ordered to ensure a meal is available for you to pick up. You will need your child’s school meal PIN number when ordering. If you or your child doesn’t know their student meal PIN number, you may contact your child’s lunch room manager or email our BCS Nutrition Supervisor Amy Tucker at atucker@bartlettschools.org to find out.
  • On-site ordering is not allowed. Meals must be pre-ordered the day before and will include both breakfast and lunch as a set. Funds will be deducted from your chid’s school meal account for meal pick-up. The pricing for breakfast/lunch meals are as follows: students who receive a free meal there is no charge, students who receive a reduced meal is $.70, and all others students are as follows: elemenatary/middle is $4.25, high school is $4.50.
  • Each meal will include both breakfast and lunch items. All payments must be made online.
  • Our meal pick-up site is located at the back of the Bartlett High School campus. Refer to the attached map of Bartlett High School for specific driving and pick-up instructions.
  • To pick up your meal, either your child must be present or you must provide each student’s meal PIN number.
  • This meal site is a drive through program. Individuals should not exit their vehicle. A BCS staff member will deliver your meal(s) directly to your vehicle. Individuals are not allowed to eat their meal on the Bartlett High School campus.
  • If your child is a hybrid learner, they may still participate on those days they are virtual. However, all meals must be pre-ordered the day before.
  • If you need a free and reduced meal application, you may visit our BCS School Nutruition website here.

For any additional questions or information, please visit www.BartlettSchools.org/BCSMealPlan/ or contact our BCS Nutrition Supervisor Amy Tucker at atucker@bartlettschools.org.