9th-12th Instructional Resources

Communication / Learning Management System
Resource Description
Student Webmail Login
Login to student webmail / Office 365
Curve Curve is the only teaching and learning platform that brings all your district’s content and digital resources into one individualized learning experience for unlimited learning.
ELA Resources
Resource Description
CommonLit Texts are sorted by grade level and reading level. Students can annotate the text and take tests over the reading.
Newsela Students can create a student account without joining a class. Once logged in students have access to a variety of current event articles.
No Red Ink Students can create a free account and select “Practice on my own.” Students can choose their “pathway” or grade level and practice grammar and writing skills.
iXL Students can login or they can go to the Inspiration tab to work on skills in English, K-12.
Academy Library Page Resources from the Bartlett Academy Library Page.
Resource Description
Khan Academy Students can click next to Courses in the top left and select any course of interest to watch videos and complete questions/activities.
Math Play Students can access instructional videos and tutorials for Algebra I, Geometry, & Algebra II.
iXL Students can login or they can go to the Inspiration tab to work on skills in Math, K-12.
That Quiz Students can access math activities, from basic math operations to calculus. Students can set the skill level.
Resource Description
Chemistry World Students can view current event Chemistry articles, Chemistry podcasts, and research careers that involve Chemistry.
BioInteractive Students can view videos, participate in virtual labs, and read articles related to Biology.
PBS Learning All Science Subjects. Students can watch Science videos, and access discussion questions related to those videos.
Ducksters Students can access activities covering subjects such as History, Geography, and Science.
Social Studies
Resource Description
Scholastic Students can read articles over various topics (daily reading quests).
iCivics Students can use the “play” section of this website to play interactive games dealing with civics, government, and US history.
Interactive Constitution Students can use the interactive constitution to research and explore the drafting of the constitution. The media library tab contains timely videos/podcasts/blog posts that students may find interesting.
Smithsonian Learning Lab Smithsonian Learning Labs (also has Science content). Students can search the learning lab collections for topics that are of interest to them. Students can work at their own pace and complete questions throughout.
Resource Description
Shape America (English)
Shape America (Spanish)
Through SHAPE (the national PE organization) students have a virtual PE link to a fitness calendar for the month of April.