Fine Arts Instructional Resources

Elementary Arts Education Resources
Resource Description
DSO Explore the DSO Kids site to learn more about the orchestra, view recorded concerts, and make your own music.
Harptoons Harptoons is a visual art site created by artist Steve Harpster. Click on "drawing videos" for directed art lessons from Steve!
Musicplay Online Musicplay contains all the fun activities you will need to stay engaged in singing, playing music, and writing your own songs. Enter the username snow and the password 2020 to access the site.
Art for Kids Art for Kids Hub contains several fun and engaging directed art lessons that will allow your children to express their artistic creativity.
Middle/High School Arts Education Resources
Resource Description
Audio Tool Audiotool contains powerful tools for the creation, recording, and production of all musical styles. A free account is needed to access the site.
Google Arts & Culture Click on Google Arts and Culture to explore the site's Street View feature. This section of the site contains virtual tours of museums and important historical sites.
American Theatre Wing The American Theatre Wing's documentary series "Working in the Theatre" offers a view into the life of a professional theatre artist.
KET Media Arts Toolkit The KET Media Arts Toolkit (right graphic) contains several examples of media arts applied in the real world.