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2021-22 Open Enrollment

Bartlett City Schools Open Enrollment

Deadline to apply is May 17


Resident and non-resident transfer applications will be accepted for selected Bartlett schools until May 17.  The application and all required documentation listed on the application must be received prior to the closing date (no exceptions).


Open Enrollment:

1. When and how do I apply for a transfer?
The resident and non-resident transfer applications are available below and will be accepted until May 17 for specified schools only.  Applications may be mailed, emailed (, or dropped off at the office of Student Services at 5705 Stage Road, Bartlett, TN 38134.
2.  If I do not live in Bartlett, may I still apply for a transfer to a Bartlett school?
The non-resident transfer application is available below and will be accepted until May 17.
3.  Is there a tuition cost to attend Bartlett City Schools as a non-resident transfer?
There is no tuition cost for those non-resident transfers who reside within Shelby County; however, any non-resident transfer outside of Shelby County will be required to pay tuition to the district.
4.  When will I know if my transfer application to attend Bartlett City Schools has been approved?
After applications are processed, a letter of approval or denial will be emailed to the email address listed on the application as soon as possible.  For all homeschool students, a letter of approval or denial will not be sent until the student has been assessed by Bartlett City Schools.