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Federally Funded NCLB Programs

is a federal law that includes several grants (TITLE Programs) for states and school districts. Bartlett City Schools receives funds from the following TITLE Programs: Title I A, Title II A, and Title III A.

These programs focus on ensuring that all children have access to high-quality educational experiences that help them grow academically and obtain proficiency on state academic standards and assessments.

These programs are designed to improve

  •    academic achievement
  •    reading skills
  •    professional development
  •    math and science instruction
  •    technological implementation in instruction
  •    English language implementation
  •    student safety
  •    parental involvement
  •    overall education reform

Title I A

Title I, Part A provides formula grants to school districts.  Districts are responsible for allocating funds to Title I Schools based on the number of low-income students.  The district must use Title I funds only in high poverty schools that have been selected for services through allowable procedures.

Title I provides flexible funding for additional instructional staff, professional development, extended-time programs, and other strategies to improve student achievement and growth in high poverty schools.

Program Focus

  • Promote school-wide reform in high poverty schools
  • Ensures student access to scientifically-based instructional practices and challenging academic content
  • Act as a mechanism for holding states, school districts, and schools accountable for improving academic achievement of all students
  • Act as a mechanism for turning around low-performing schools
  • Provide alternatives to students in low-performing schools to enable those students to receive a high-quality education

Title I funds may be used for a variety of services and activities, most commonly for instruction in reading and mathematics.  Legislation encourages the use of strategies such as extended day (before and after school programs), extended year and summer programs to increase learning time.


Title I N & D

This program provides financial assistance to educational programs for youths in state-operated institutions or community day programs.

The program provides financial assistance:

  • To support collaboration between the school district and locally operated correctional facilities
  • To districts with high numbers or percentages of child and youth in locally operated juvenile correctional facilities involved in community day program


Title II Part A

Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting

Title II, Part A, increases student achievement by improving teacher and principal quality through recruitment, hiring, and retention strategies.

The program:

  • Uses scientifically-based professional development interventions
  • Holds districts and schools accountable for improvements in student academic achievement performance
  • Was created because research shows that teacher quality is correlated with student academic achievement (Sanders and River, 1996)
  • Was designed to address the variety of challenges found in each community with respect to teacher quality
  • Allows funds to be used for a wide array of interventions



Title III - Part A

English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement and Academic Achievement

Title III - Part A assists school districts in teaching English to limited English Proficient (LEP) students.  Additionally, it assists LEP students in meeting the same challenging standards required of all students.

This program:

  • Funds high-quality language instruction programs that are based on effective research, which increases English proficiency and student achievement.
  • Provides high-quality professional development to classroom teachers, principals, administrators, and other school or community-based organizational personnel in order to improve instruction and positively impact assessment outcomes of LEP students.

Private Schools
Benefits to Private School Students and Teachers


The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provides benefits to private school students, teachers, and other education personnel, including those in religiously affiliated schools. The following information provides explanations of some of the law's provisions and brief summaries of relevant ESEA programs.

The current Title programs that Private Schools participate in with Bartlett City Schools acting as the LEA are Title IA and Title II A.

Source: U. S. Department of Education