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Reporting Problems

Students that are having problems with their laptops should review the information below and then follow the procedure that best fits their situation.


Apple IDs

If students do not know their Apple ID password or need to change it, they should visit this site:


Students should choose Manage Your Apple ID or reset your password.  Remember, to reset the password, students must know the answers to the security questions selected at original set up of the Apple ID.  Students that are under 13 may need to check with parents for assistance.


If students are not successful using the Apple ID site, they can ask the following individuals for assistance:

Middle School Students - Homeroom Teacher

Academy Students - First Period Teacher

10th Grade Honors Academy Students - Bradley Williamson (Honors Academy Liaison)


Note:  The above teachers will email their assigned ITT and ask for the Apple ID to be reset. The ITT will reset the Apple ID to a generic password and send the information needed back to the teacher and the teacher will pass the information back to the student.  The student will then be able to go in, as instructed above, and set the password to one of his/her choice. 


Email Passwords

If students do not know their Email password and need it to be reset, they must contact the appropriate teacher and ask that a password reset request be sent to the school’s assigned ITT. The ITT will reset the email password and send the needed information back to the teacher who will then pass it on to the student.  


Students should see the following teacher to request an email password reset:

Middle School Students - Homeroom Teacher

Academy Students - First Period Teacher

10th Grade Honors Academy Students - Bradley Williamson (Honors Academy Liaison)


IMPORTANT:  Please allow 48 hours for password resets to be completed and the information to be returned to the teacher for distribution to the student.


Students:  Do NOT Save Email Passwords

It has come to our attention that many students are saving their email passwords in Safari.  Most probably do not realize they are doing this but the saving of an old password is causing issues with students as they update their email passwords. In addition, this is a poor security practice and needs to be corrected by ALL students.  

Here is what do to do:

• Launch Safari.

• Under Safari in the menu bar, drag down to Preferences and release.

• Find the key icon that says Passwords.

• In the box that opens, uncheck the box that says Auto fill user name and passwords. 

• Finally, if there are any sites listed in the box below, click on each one and REMOVE.


Hardware and/or Software Issues 

Students should visit the Technology Support Center and place a work request for assistance.  The direct link to the Technology Support Center is:


A link to the site can also be found on the BCS webpage by selecting the Departments link, dragging down to Instructional Technology and over to Technology Support Center.


Students should then click on the Technology Support Center link and choose to Create a New Ticket.  They should then fill out the work request thoroughly (items with a red asterisk must be completed) and provide specific information about the problem.  The work order will be routed to the appropriate personnel and an IT representative will be at the school to assist as soon as possible.


24/7 Assistance 

Bartlett City Schools is one of the first schools in the United States to offer Apple Care Enterprise services to students.  What is Apple Care Enterprise (ACE)?  This is a program that allows students that are having hardware or software problems when school is not in session, 24/7 access to a help line designated specifically for use by our district.  Students (or a parent) can contact Apple Care Enterprise for assistance (check with teacher to get number).


In addition, ACE may request the serial number of the laptop.  If so, this information can be found on the back of the laptop (very small letters) or under the Apple in the menu bar under About This Mac.  It is recommended that students or parents have the serial number in hand before contacting Apple Care Enterprise.


Content Filter

To protect students from accessing inappropriate content via the web, BCS has a content filter in place that blocks internet sites that may contain objectionable content.  However, in order to block the bad sites, there are sometimes appropriate sites that are blocked as well.  Therefore, the Technology Department has created a website review link that allows students and teachers to request that a site be unblocked for instructional use.  In addition, if the content filter has missed an inappropriate site, teachers and students can also ask that a site be blocked.


To access this site and request a website review, please follow these directions:

  • Visit the BCS website:
  • Under the headline photos, click to view the 1:1 Resources page.
  • In the right column, click to view the Website Review Form.
  • Complete the required fields and click the Submit button.


After the request has been examined, students and/or teachers will be notified of website access status via email.