Hello!  I am excited to work as your Instructional Technology Coach (ITC)!  I support Bon Lin Middle.  I am able to provide you with the following services:
  • Integrate technology into lesson plans and model lesson delivery for teachers
  • Create technology rich projects, and provide technology instruction to both teachers and students
  • Assist with using data to create technology based lessons to enhance instruction and boost achievement
  • Work with teachers to provide ongoing technology follow-up support for technology integration including the 1:1 Laptop initiative
  • Provide training and support for Promethean boards, Apple software programs, online resources, and BCS software including the grade book. 
  • Develop technology skills through school and district-wide professional development sessions
  • Provide opportunities for Flex credit
  • Minor troubleshooting for hardware and software



Apple Teache
Apple recognizes me for demonstrating my skills using Apple products to enhance productivity and inspire creativity in my classroom.





Certified Apple Learning Specialist - Certified to provide professional development usingApple Education materials. 





 Work Order System:

Please enter all work orders here for technology assistance.  Https://support.bartlettschools.org



Mr. Brown's 6th grade STEM class are recreating experiments by Rube Goldburg.

These students re-created a Rube Goldburg machine by using a track, dominos, car, and Jenga Pieces. Rube Goldburg machines are intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way. Usually, these machines consist of a series of simple unrelated devices; the action of each triggers the initiation of the next, eventually resulting in achieving a stated goal. The students drew out their designs on paper and now are working on creating them.

STEM Student Robot Obstacle course

Students are programming the robots to complete a student designed obstacle course.