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I will update this page as I find new resources. Check back often! If you have one that you would like to share, please feel free to email me!

iPads4Teaching - Kathy Schrock has tons of resources for various grade levels and content areas that includes collaboration, assessment, and so much more.




  • No Red Ink - an adaptive learning website that helps with grammar. 



Social Studies

  • Virtual Field Trips - The WWII Museum in New Orleans is offering free virtual field trips for various subjects.  Sign up now and take advantage of this free resource.
  • Google Expeditions - list of virtual field trips that you can take using the Google Expeditions app on iPads.


  • Canva
  • Piktochart
  • Adobe Spark - Video, Page, and Post
  • Storyboard That
  • Pixton
  • Voki


  • TouchCast
  • DoInk
  • Flipgrid
  • Clips
  • iMovie


  • OneDrive - online cloud storage with school email. Never lose a file or USB drive again! Automatically syncs between computer, online, and app. Share files with students and teachers. Save Microsoft Office files directly to OneDrive. 
  • OneNote - take notes with this Microsoft Office tool. Organize them by class (notebook), unit (section), and lesson (page). Automatically syncs with OneDrive. Use computer program, online tool, or app!
  • SafeShare TV - copy any YouTube url and create a new link that is ad free! You can share the link with students and even download the video to your computer. 
  • QR Codes Generator - QR Stuff or QR Code Generator
  • QR Code Readers - Camera or Scan app or QR Journal program for Mac
  • Classroom Screen
  • Online Stopwatch
  • View Pure
  • Wakelet


  • SeeSaw - digital portfolio for your class. Students can upload an image, edit it with text, record a video, and so much more! You can view the class feed or an individual student. Parents can access their child's page. Available as a website and as an app!


  • Kahoot - this could be used as a multiple choice review game. Students love it because they can earn points and compete with each other. Teacher Kahoot Page
  • Plickers - a very simple tool that allows you to collect student answers using Plicker cards and your phone. 
  • Quizlet - create flashcards and study them as a game, test, interactive flashcards, and more
  • Go Formative - create assessments with various types of questions including: multiple choice, multiple selection, short answer, essay, show your work, true/fale, graphing, numeric, audio response, categorize, and sequencing. You can also embed code, images, text, or upload a document.
  • Edulastic
  • EDPuzzle
  • GimKit
  • Quizziz
  • Socrative

Flipped Classroom

  • Doceri - Whiteboard App for iPad
  • Use QuickTime to screen record or record a movie. Use iMovie to edit.