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Due to an upgrade in PowerSchool, the PowerSchool student app allowed students to see draft schedules for the 2015-16 school year. The update has caused us to turn off the app access for now. Please understand those schedules are just drafts and are subject to change.  Students’ final schedules will be available on August 4 during “B” Ready.  Schools are operating on summer staffing levels and may not be able to respond to individual requests or provide passwords at this time. Central office staff do not have access to PowerSchool passwords.

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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent As we move into our second year as a municipal school district, we continue to build on our foundation of great teachers, great leaders, supportive staff, and an engaged community. Our goal is for the entire Bartlett community to be proud of our school district.

As we discussed last year, one of the building blocks of our school system is an enhanced technology experience for our students. In its first year, Bartlett City Schools successfully piloted a 1:1 technology initiative at our Bartlett Academy. Over 100 students were provided a device to use at school and to take home to continue their learning.  After this successful pilot, we are now ready for phase two of our technology plan for our students.  

I am pleased to announce that Bartlett City Schools will be enriching the classroom experience by providing a laptop computer for our 6th – 9th grade students this school year. The BCS 1:1 initiative will emphasize innovation in our classrooms and provide each individual student access to information outside the classroom. The technological world our students live in is changing at a rapid pace, and the learning opportunities that our 1:1 initiative will provide our students is limitless.  Teachers will no longer be limited by classroom resources and the four walls of their classroom but will have access to current resources to further engage our students in the learning process.   

Our plan is to repurpose the desktop computers and computer carts from our middle schools and Academy to use in our elementary schools. This shift will provide a greater technology experience for our elementary students. During the 2016-17 school year, our plan is to expand the 1:1 initiative to our 10th – 12th grade students providing increased opportunities for our high schoolers.

Bartlett City Schools is committed to providing a learning environment that will help our students reach their potential. We are excited about the opportunities that our 1:1 initiative will provide our students by opening up the world to them and preparing them for their future. 

David A. Stephens


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Upcoming Events

Teachers - Administrative Day
Date: 8/3/2015
Be Ready Day!
Date: 8/4/2015, 8 AM 3 PM
Teachers - AM Professional Development / PM Administrative Day
Date: 8/5/2015
Teachers - Professional Development Day
Date: 8/6/2015
All Bartlett City Schools and District Office Closed Until 11:00 AM
Date: 8/7/2015
Teachers - Professional Development Day
Date: 8/7/2015


Why TNReady?

Why TNReady?

• Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, the TNReady assessment will provide students, teachers, and parents with more detailed, accurate, and authentic information about each student’s progress and achievement in the classroom.

• Teachers and parents want to know how their students are doing in school and where they need to improve.

• Just as we take our children to the doctor for their annual check-ups, TNReady offers parents, students and teachers with a new and improved academic check-up each year to make sure all students are moving forward and are track to graduate from high school and be successful in college or the workplace.

• TNReady is more than just a new “TCAP.” It is a new way to assess what our students know and what we can do to help them succeed in the future.

What is TNReady?

What is TNReady?

TNReady is the state’s new student achievement assessment in reading, writing, and math in grades 3–11 designed to assess what is being taught in Tennessee’s classrooms. TNReady has been developed by Tennessee educators to better assess student knowledge, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills – in short, all the things students will need to succeed following high school. TNReady will replace the state’s TCAP multiple-choice only tests in reading and math and will include a variety of question types as well as writing. Please visit us online at by clicking this Spotlight story title above or pasting in this url to learn more about this important opportunity for our students and our state. Tennessee students and teachers deserve your help and support.

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