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Library Mission

Each library in the Bartlett City School system supports the instructional program of its school by providing materials to reinforce, enrich and extend classroom-learning experiences. The librarian functions as a cooperative member of the teaching staff, a consultant on the use of materials and a teacher of those library skills, which help students develop competency in the independent use of resources.

The library seeks to ensure that our students acquire the necessary literacy, technology, and media skills they will need to become productive learners and lead successful meaningful lives in the 21st century.

BCS utilizes Follett Destiny® Library to keep a thorough, real-time track of our library's inventory and media assets while giving students and families a fun means of discovery and reading. Use the links below to access the library catalogs for each of our eleven schools.

Follet Destiny® Library Catalogs: 




Altruria Elementary

Appling Middle

Bartlett High

Bartlett Elementary

Bon Lin Middle

Bartlett 9th Grade Academy

Bon Lin Elementary

Elmore Park Middle


Ellendale Elementary



Oak Elementary



Rivercrest Elementary




Each elementary school also uses myOn to allow students to read eBooks and from digital collections. The myOn platform may be accessed through your student's Class Link account (Note: you will need a student password to sign in to view myOn).

Library Materials Feedback Form

For any reconsideration requests, please consult with the local school librarian and principal before filing a formal request for reconsideration of Library Collections Materials. Please note that consideration requests are only for currently enrolled Bartlett students, parents/guardians of currently enrolled Bartlett students or currently employed Bartlett teachers/staff. Consideration feedback from any other party will not be considered or reviewed.

Follow this link if you would like to file a formal request for reconsideration of an item in the library collection.


BCS subscribes to two newspaper publications to meet the standards of the American Association of School Libraries (AASL):

  • The Commercial Appeal
  • The Bartlett Express


The district offers periodicals that students may check out in lieu of books, while in the library. It is grade band specific to meet age-appropriate interest.






National Geographic Kids

Food Network

Discovery Box


MIT Technology Review

Highlights for Children

School Library Journal



Sports Illustrated for Kids

School Library Journal

School Library Journal

Taste of Home

Science News

Scout Life


Sports Illustrated



Taste of Home


Resources and Important Links

Tennessee Electronic Library
The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) is a virtual library that will work on any device with and internet connection. The link is located at https://www.tntel.info/?mc_cid=313c41c670&mc_eid=057058924e.

Tennessee Electronic Library is designed for students in grades K-5.  The link is located at http://tel4u.org/.

Bartlett Public Library
Hours of Services:  Monday - Thursday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m, Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., and Sunday 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.