Bartlett City Schools STEAM/STEM Program
Welcome to the STEAM and STEAM page! We offer a comprehensive STEAM experience for students in grades K-5 and STEM for students in grades 6-12. New this year is Woz ED, a leader in K-12 STEM curriculum. BCS students study cybersecurity, drones, and coding in the Woz ED platform.
STEAM Lab @ Rivercrest ES
The lessons are purposefully designed to build an engineering mindset while developing the soft skills employers value. Collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking are inherent in every project. The kits allow teachers to assume the role of context expert rather than content expert, minimizing their training time. It isn’t emerging technology if it existed before you were born. The technical skills necessary to succeed in the kits come naturally to our young learners.
Woz ED focuses on K-Employment, and these resources help students authentically explore their future in the tech economy.
Click below to watch a short overview video of Woz ED: