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ParaPro Praxis

The ParaPro Assessment was developed in response to the federal legislation. The law requires that beginning January 8, 2002, paraprofessionals be required to have one of the following: 

  1. An associate of arts degree 
  2. Two years of college 
  3. Demonstrated, through a state or local academic assessment, knowledge of, and the ability to assist in the instruction of reading, writing, and math 

The ParaPro Assessment measures skills and knowledge in reading, mathematics, and writing, as well as the ability to apply those skills and knowledge to assist in classroom instruction. The test consists of 90 multiple-choice questions across the subject areas of reading, mathematics, and writing. Approximately two-thirds of the questions in each subject area focus on basic skills and knowledge, and approximately one third of the questions in each subject area focus on the application of those skills and knowledge in a classroom context. Fifteen of the questions in the test (five in each subject) are pretest questions and do not count toward the test taker’s score. The test questions are arranged by subject area, with reading first then mathematics, then writing. Use this link to view sample questions. 


Sample Questions


The Human Resources Supervisor administers the assessment to candidates that have applied for employment with Bartlett City Schools. The test is administered at 8:15 a.m. weekdays. The test fee is $55.00, payable by a credit or debit card. Payment is required in advance to reserve a test session.


Email Brittany Clark, Human Resources Coordinator, to schedule the assessment. bclark@bartlettschools.org


Candidates that are not seeking employment with Bartlett City Schools should use the link below to schedule an assessment at the University of Memphis Testing Center.


University of Memphis Testing Center