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Don't forget
Don't Forget, the first deduction for benefits begins August 31.  Please login to the Employee Portal to review your payroll deductions.  Please notify the benefits office if you have questions, or corrections to your payroll deductions.   If you made changes to your benefits, or are newly enrolled in benefits, your ID cards should be received by September 1. 
If you elected the Medical Insurance plan through MedBen please download the new phone app in the app store. You can request and print an ID card and view paid claims.(please see flyer below under MedBen)
Please email benefits@bartlettschools.org for questions, or call  901-202-0855, ext. 2242; 2253
NewMedBen LogoMedBen - (800) 686-8425; Email: medben@medben.com
When you receive your new ID card, please provide to your doctors and pharmacist.   
Delta DentalDelta Dental (800) 223-3104.  Delta Dental continues to provide Dental benefits to BCS members.  Delta Dental offers two plans with a large network of providers.  Please see below information on both plans. 
Davis VisionDavis Vision - (800) 999-5431.  Davis Vision continues to provide Vision benefits to BCS members.  Davis Vision offers a large network of providers including Sams Club and Walmart. Davis Vision offers low copays on eye exams, and excellent discounts on premier options such as transition lenses and
                                                 no line bifocals
StandardStandard Insurance company - (800) 348-3226. The Life Insurance and Long Term Disability products have been through Standard Insurance Company since 2016. For the Life Insurance, all BCS employees are provided 2 times annual earnings up to $300,000.  The District pays 100% of this cost.  Employees are able to add additional life insurance on themselves, their spouse and dependent children, although Late entrant rules apply. Employees pay 100% of the premium, but Standard offers competitive rates.  
For the Long-Term Disability, Standard pays eligible claimants 60% of their pre-disability earnings up to a maximum period of 5 years.  Late entrant rules apply.  Please see plan documents listed below for detail on benefits
Please contact the benefits department at benefits@bartlettschools.org if you need to file a claim.
AFAmerican Fidelity - (800) 465-2129 (FSA); (800) 662-1113 (other products), provides a number of voluntary products including the Flexible Spending and Dependent Childcare benefits, Cancer, Critical Illness and Accident benefits, and Short-Term Disability. 
The Flexible Spending Account allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars from your pay check, to be used at the time of service for Doctor, Dental and Vision services. This year's maximum annual election amount is $2750. (See below plan details)
Effective January 1, 2020, Over-The-Counter medicines without a prescription are now eligible for reimbursement.  Currently this will be good through December 31, 2010, but the benefits office will let you know if the Federal Government extends or makes this a permanent benefit. 
The Cancer and Critical Illness policies pay benefits directly to you to help you pay for copays, and/or out of pocket expenses.
The Accident Policy pay benefits to you if you or a covered member have an accident.
The Short-Term Disability plan pays you a benefits based on your election amount and salary.  This benefit also covers Maternity and will pay you a lump sum depending upon your period of disability (6 or 8 weeks). 
To submit a claim, please log in to your account at www.americanfidelity.com. See below for Plan details