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Open Enrollment Dates for Insurance will be April 14, 2023 through May 31, 2023.  




All employees will sit down with an American Fidelity Rep to enroll in benefits for the following plan year.


Appointment dates are TBD.  




The Care4Us Health Centers will be closed to observe the below holidays in 2023: 

Monday, 5/29- Memorial Day

Tuesday, 7/4- Independence Day

Monday, 9/4- Labor Day

Thursday, 11/23- Thanksgiving

Friday, 11/24- Day after Thanksgiving

Friday, 12/22 – Christmas Eve (observed)

Monday, 12/25- Christmas Day


Monday, 1/1/24 – New Year’s Day 2024




MedBen Logo
Medical and Pharmacy: MedBen – (800) 686-8425;
Email: [email protected]
If you receive a new ID card, please provide to your doctors and pharmacist.

Health Clinic: Phone: (901)979-3151 Fax: (901)417-7894
Premise Health manages the Care4Us medical clinics for employees and their dependents who are covered under the medical plan. All services received at the clinic, including prescriptions, are at no cost to the member.  There are two convenient locations: Bartlett and Collierville.


Care4Us Employee Health Clinic Registration Information

https://www.mypremisehealth.com/MyChart/Authentication/Login?- website link

Clinic Pharmacy: (901) 625-DRUG; www.care4uspharmacy.com
Care4Us Pharmacy is the exclusive option for covered MedBen Health Plan members and their families.  The pharmacy focuses on generics and preferred brand medications with zero to lower copay options to keep out-of-pocket costs low.  Your LIME ACCESS Prescription Benefit Card unlocks seamless savings applied at the pharmacy counter and speedy pickup service. FREE shipping with our convenient low-cost home delivery

Care4Us Lime Access Card

Dental: Delta Dental – (800) 223-3104
Delta Dental continues to provide Dental benefits to BCS members.  Delta Dental offers two plans with a large network of providers.  Please see below information on both plans.


Delta Dental Portal
Delta Dental Plan Information

Vision: Davis Vision – (800) 999-5431
Davis Vision continues to provide Vision benefits to BCS members.  Davis Vision offers a large network of providers including Sam’s Club and Walmart. Davis Vision offers low copays on eye exams and excellent discounts on premier options such as transition lenses and no line bifocals.

Employee Assistance Program: Concern EAP – (800) 465‐2129
The services of CONCERN are paid by the district. There is no cost to you or your dependents if services are used.

Concern EAP Information

Voluntary Benefits: American Fidelity – (800) 465-2129 (FSA); (800) 662-1113 (other products); americanfidelity.com
American Fidelity provides a number of voluntary products including the Flexible Spending and Dependent Childcare benefits, Cancer, Critical Illness and Accident benefits, and Short-Term Disability. 
The Flexible Spending Account allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars from your paycheck to be used at the time of service for medical, dental and vision services. Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines without a prescription are now eligible for reimbursement.   
The Cancer and Critical Illness policies pay benefits directly to you to help you pay for copays, and/or out of pocket expenses.
The Accident Policy pays benefits to you if you or a covered member have an accident.
The Short-Term Disability policy pays you a benefit based on your election amount and salary.  This benefit also offers a maternity benefit and will pay you a lump sum depending upon your period of disability (6 or 8 weeks). 
To submit a claim, please log in to your account below. See below for plan details.

Life and Long‐Term Disability: Standard Insurance Company – (800) 348-3226
The Life Insurance and Long Term Disability products have been through Standard Insurance Company since 2016. For Life Insurance, all LSS employees are provided 2 times annual earnings up to $300,000.  The District pays 100% of this cost.  Employees are able to add additional life insurance on themselves, their spouse and dependent children, although late entrant rules apply. Employees pay 100% of the competitive premium rates.  
For Long-Term Disability, Standard pays eligible claimants 60% of their pre-disability earnings up to a maximum period of 5 years.  Late entrant rules apply.  Please see plan documents listed below for detail on benefits.
Please contact the benefits department at [email protected]  if you need to file a claim.

Life Insurance Plan Document
Long-Term Disability Plan Document
Change of Beneficiary Form for Life Insurance

Retirement Benefits

TCRS Member Self-Service
Empower 401(k) Account Login

The RetireReadyTN New Employee Orientation video will provide new employees with a complete introduction to the Hybrid Retirement Plan for State and Higher Education Employees and K-12 Teachers hired on or after July 1, 2014.

In approximately 15 minutes, new employees will learn about the TCRS and 401(k) components of their retirement plan including employer and employee contributions, how retirement benefits are calculated, and ways to access account information and retirement readiness resources.