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CONCERN Employee Assistance Program


901-458-4000 or 1-800-445-5011

CONCERN: EAP is serving employees and everyone in their household having personal problems such as stress, health, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, gambling, emotional, violence and other issues affect productivity and their personal well-being.

CONCERN: EAP will serve children age 26 and under that are living outside of the employee’s home. We understand there are adjustments related to children leaving for college. Even if the student is attending school out of the Midsouth region, we want to support what may be a stressful transition.

CONCERN: EAP is serving in 4 locations in Shelby County. Bartlett: 5158 Stage Road, Bartlett, TN 38134; Germantown: 2010 Exeter Road, Suite 1, Germantown TN 38138; Southaven: 7165 Swinnea Road, Bldg B, Suite 120, Southaven, MS 38671; and Midtown: 2670, Suite 610, Memphis, TN 38112.

CONCERN: EAP is Free and confidential. Your human resource teams value their employees along with their families. No matter if a client comes 1 time or 100 times, the client never pays a dime. Also your insurance is never notified of the use of your EAP. We keep all this information internally. No one will ever know you have been here unless you share the information!

CONCERN: EAP serves a wide range of customers in the Memphis metro and mid-south region that represents manufacturing, distribution, transportation, government, health care, education, hi-tech, law enforcement, retail sales, gaming, and banking work places.

CONCERN: EAP is partnering with businesses and their human resources management teams to meet the challenges of rapid change, increased competition, team work, family-work issues, the Drug-Free Workplace Act, increasing technology, diversity and their affects on employee productivity.



1. It’s good business. Unresolved employee personal problems will affect productivity, customer service, and profit.

2. It’s a humanitarian decision. Giving employees a quick, confidential, and cost free access to professional help enhances problem solving and savings.

3. It’s good management. Managers and supervisors can quickly access expert help for a troubled employee without recommending treatment.

4. It’s accountable and personal for the company. Human resource personnel and supervisors know their EAP and clearly understand what they can expect in services.

5. CONCERN service outcome studies indicate employee productivity increases 20%, work relationships increase 30%, and absenteeism/tardiness decreases 80% after using CONCERN services.

6. 65% of all companies offer their employees an EAP.

7. CONCERN is very cost effective.