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Due to the ongoing concerns of the Coronavirus and the unexpected closing of Bartlett City Schools, we will not be sending out the link to register for Pre-K or Early Entrance screenings at this time.  The situation remains fluid and when we know any more information regarding screening dates and times, we will pass on that information.  We will add your name and email to the list to receive a link for registering for a screening date and time when the site opens.


Bartlett City Schools currently offers Pre-Kindergarten classes, which are funded by the State of Tennessee and Bartlett City Schools. The BCS Pre-K program is designed to meet the needs of students identified as educationally and economically at-risk (low income)

Pre-Kindergarten Screening Dates & Times

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Bartlett City Schools Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are at the following locations: 


Oak Elementary


Rivercrest Elementary


Bartlett Elementary

3573 Oak Road

Bartlett, TN 38135

Principal: Stephanie Beach


4825 Rivercrest Lane

Bartlett, TN 38135

Principal: Portia Tate

3932 Billy Maher Road

Bartlett, TN 38135

Principal:  Page Watson

 The BCS Pre-K program is a resource for families who are economically at-risk (low-income).

Please visit our Teaching & Learning website for additional information.