Bartlett City Schools

FY 2017 ESEA Programs Summary

Bartlett City Schools

FY 2017 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Programs Summary


Final Allocations:

               Title I A                          Title I N                     Title ID                        Title IIA                    Title III


           $1,370,436                      $605,284                 $36,739                    $333,197                $15,837


Title IA, Title IN, & Title ID - In order to increase student academic achievement, the Bartlett City Schools Title I program for school year 2016-2017 will provide instructional services to approximately 3,622 students attending 5 BCS Title IA schoolwide schools (Altruria Elementary, Bartlett Elementary, Ellendale Elementary, Elmore Park Middle, and Rivercrest Elementary), 3 facilities for neglected children (Baptist Children’s Home, Lakeside Behavioral, and Youth Villages), and 1 facility for delinquent children (Varangon Academy). These services will supplement instructional services provided by state and local funds.


Title I funds will be utilized for Instructional Facilitators, teachers (Response to Intervention), education assistants, technology coaches, technology support, N & D Supervisor, and ESEA & Accountability Supervisor; extended learning including before/after school and Saturday tutoring; parent training; instructional supplies/materials; equipment (technology); and professional development.


Title IIA - Professional development activities for core academic subjects that are high quality, sustained, intensive, and classroom focused. This will be provided for instructional staff in all BCS schools and the participating non-public school (St. Ann Bartlett and Youth Villages).


Title IIA funds will be utilized for the position of Professional Development/Evaluation Supervisor, Response to Intervention Coach, professional development materials/supplies, and teacher and principal mentoring. These items support school administrative initiatives and goals by providing professional development to teachers through Assessment Coaches and Instructional Coaches.


Title IIIA - Supplemental scientifically based language instruction to increase English proficiency and student academic achievement in support of English as a Second Language (ESL) services to English Learners will be provided to eligible BCS students, as well as eligible students attending participating non-public schools. Funds will be utilized for instructional materials/supplies, equipment, parent outreach, and professional development.