Bartlett City Schools

Grant Program

One way the Bartlett Education Foundation's mission is accomplished is through our Grant Program available to all teachers in the Bartlett City Schools each year. These grants are used to carry out innovative projects that enrich the standard curriculum in ways that directly affect students’ day-to-day classroom experiences as well as improve the education system as a whole.
The grant program has grown year over year awarding over $300,000 in grants to the Bartlett area public schools since 1998. Grants are awarded each fall, with the main criteria of enhancing the classroom experiences that directly involve students, motivational learning, hands-on learning, and the number of students served by the grant. Grant money is provided through various fundraising activities and corporate donations.

* Our 2017 Grant Application submission date was May 20, 2017. Grants will be issued at in August 2017.
Check out a few of our teacher grant recipients from last year!