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Online Payments for the 2019-2020 School Year

Online payments are scheduled to resume August 5, 2019.
Online payments are not available during the summer months.
No checks will be accepted after May 6, 2019.  Cash only after May 6.  Checks will be accepted starting August 6, 2019.

Auto Payments


Starting August 5, 2019, if you want auto payments scheduled for your child's lunch account, please enable by logging into your account and checking the box.


You will need to login to your account and disable auto payments for the summer months.


If you need help with your auto pay function, please call 877-237-0946.


School Nutrition has a debit payment system in Collierville and Bartlett cafeterias.  All students, whether free, reduced or full pay status, have an account.  The following are some brief highlights of the system.

  • This system allows for prepayment on your child's account and is something we strongly encourage. You have the option to prepay weeks in advance. You can even prepay months or a year in advance. Cash and checks are accepted at the school throughout the year. The money goes into your child's own debit account and is automatically deducted when he or she buys a meal or á la carte item. If a student has an account balance at the end of the school year, it is automatically transferred to the next school year, as long as the student remains in the same school district. Checks should be made out to the school's cafeteria and should include the student PIN number, and first and last name of the student. Or, you can setup a MyPaymentsPlus account and make online deposits to your child's account. To setup a MyPaymentsPlus online account, you will need your child’s student ID number, which is different from their PIN. You can find your student's ID number on the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  You can also call your child’s school cafeteria manager to request his or her student ID number.
  • Any time during the school year that you want the money on your child's account, it can be refunded to you.  Call your child's school cafeteria manager to request a refund.
  • Every student is issued a unique PIN number. This number is used at the point of service and identifies the student to the cashier.
  • We are able to capture every transaction as it happens. By creating a MyPaymentsPlusaccount, you can access your child's Purchase History to view his or her account balance and see how much money was spent on meals and á la carte purchases.  Even if you don't make payments online, you can still register for a MyPaymentsPlus account so you can monitor your child's activity.
This program is very beneficial for the students, parents and school staff.