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FY 2018 ESEA Programs Summary

Bartlett City Schools

FY 2018 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Programs Summary


Final Allocations:

               Title I A                          Title I N                     Title ID                        Title IIA                    Title III


             $2,791,610                  $1,006,859                $37,111                   $192,890                 $17,057


Title IA, Title IN, & Title ID - In order to increase student academic achievement, all of the the Bartlett City Schools recieve Title I funds. There are 2 facilities for neglected children (Lakeside Behavioral, and Youth Villages), and 1 facility for delinquent children (Arkon Academy). The use of Title I A, N, and D funds will supplement instructional services provided by state and local funds.


Title I funds will be utilized for Instructional Facilitators, teachers (Response to Intervention), tutors, technology support, N & D Supervisor, and ESEA & Accountability Supervisor; extended learning including before/after school and Saturday tutoring; parent training; family engagement; and professional development.


Title IIA - Professional development activities for core academic subjects that are high quality, sustained, intensive, and classroom focused will be provided for instructional staff in all BCS schools and the participating non-public school (St. Ann Bartlett).


Title IIA funds will be utilized for the position of Professional Development/Evaluation Supervisor, Instructional Program Assistant, providing substitute days for PD, and materials/supplies. These items support school administrative initiatives and goals by providing professional development to teachers through Assessment Coaches and Instructional Coaches.


Title IIIA - Supplemental scientifically based language instruction to increase English proficiency and student academic achievement in support of English as a Second Language (ESL) services to English Learners will be provided to eligible BCS students, as well as eligible students attending participating non-public schools. Funds will be utilized for instructional materials/supplies, equipment, parent outreach, and professional development.  Bartlett City Schools will also act as the Title IIIA Financial Consortium for the following districts: Arlington Community Schools, Lakeland Community Schools, and Millington Municipal Schools.  This is based upon these districts having Title IIIA allocations that are not large enough to act as a single standing district.