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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

T.C.A. § 34-6-301

Parents of a minor child may delegate to any adult person residing in this state temporary care giving authority when hardship prevents the parent(s) from caring for the child.

Hardships identified are:
  1. The serious illness or incarceration of a parent or legal guardian; 
  2. The physical or mental condition of the parent or legal guardian or the child is such that care and supervision cannot be provided; 
  3. The loss or uninhabitability of the child's home as the result of a natural disaster;
  4. The military deployment of a parent or legal guardian.
When one of the above hardships is applicable, the custodial parent(s) and the caregiver must make an appointment to meet with Student Services Personnel in order to complete the application for Power of Attorney

During the meeting with Student Services personnel, the custodial parent(s)/guardian and the caregiver must provide:
  1. Proof of their identity. Copies of this proof and documents related to the request will be made and included in the file that will remain in Student Services. Verification of hardship will be required no less than annually.
  2. Child’s birth certificate and/or, in cases where prior custody arrangements have been made, legal documentation of custody.
  3. Verification documents relative to the claim of hardship. These documents will be reviewed by Student Services personnel.
  4. Proof of residence required form all Bartlett City Schools students. This must be submitted by the caregiver.
Hardships not listed above should be referred to Juvenile Court to change the custody.
If approved, the Power of Attorney is only valid for the current school year and must be renewed if needed for an additional school year.